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Australian Rangeland Society 19th Biennial Conference

Australian Rangeland Society 19th Biennial Conference

Wednesday, 9 August 2017 (Last updated Monday 18 September 2017)

Quick!  Registrations close 18 September 2017.

Join us at the 19th Biennial Conference of the Australian Rangeland Society to be held in Port Augusta, South Australia from 25 to 28 September 2017 and engage with the question of how to live sustainably in the rangelands—now and into the future.

TERN is proud to continue its affiliation with the Australian Rangeland Society's annual conferences and will be a sponsor this year.  We will have a booth and staff will be on hand to answer your questions and share information. 

TERN’s Associate Professor Ben Sparrow will be speaking at the conference on our nation-wide ecosystem surveillance monitoring and open-access ecological data for Australian ecologists and land managers.

In addition, a number of TERN users and stakeholders will be presenting on their research that utilises our infrastructure and data, including Dr Greg Guerin, Dr Peter Scarth and Mr Emrys Leitch.

Dr Greg Guerin, of the University of Adelaide, will be presenting an overview of open access vegetation monitoring data from TERN plot-based ecosystem surveillance program and showcasing some examples of their real-world applications.

Dr Peter Scarth, of the University of Queensland, will be talking about TERN led collaborations with state and federal government agencies that have led to the development of biophysical products tailored to the Australian rangelands. Peter will discuss how these products, and the underlying delivery infrastructure, underpin several rangeland specific information systems targeted at graziers, extension officers and government reporting.

Mr Emrys Leitch, of the University of Adelaide, will present a poster and lighting presentation on the need for consistent, national scale, surveillance monitoring, and the role TERN AusPlots plays in filling this requirement. Emrys will showcase some currently applications of TERN’s plot data and vegetation and soil sample, and highlight opportunities for further uses of the data and samples that will help to drive effective responses to ecological challenges across the Rangelands.

Registrations are still open but be quick!

We look forward to seeing you in Port Augusta in September.  Drop by the TERN booth, say hi and find out how our infrastructure can help your research in the rangelands.

See you there...

More info and registrations here: https://www.austrangesoc.com.au/