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Free webinars on drone use in research

Free webinars on drone use in research

Thursday 13 July 2017

Fellow NCRIS project, the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) is hosting a series of events discussing drones, spatial data and geospatial technology.  The events bring together researchers and data specialists from various disciplines and agencies to showcase their expertise and knowledge and exchange information for the use of drones in research.

TERN is pleased to be a part of these events and will be presenting at the second ANDS hosted webinar (27/7) on how researchers can use TERN services to make drone data open for scientific research. Moreover, we plan to use the events to build on the outcomes of the recent UAS4RS conference; listen to the needs of our users; and further improve the research and data infrastructure and collaborative networks we provide to the Australian research community.

Free Webinars

ANDS will host two free webinars in July 2017:

TERN’s Data Science Director Dr Siddeswara Guru will speak at webinar #2 on making drone data open for scientific research

The webinars are designed for anybody currently using drones for research or has an interest in doing so in the future. They may particularly appeal to:

  • Researchers (academia, industry and government);
  • Data managers and data librarians;
  • Data scientists, analysts, developers and technologists;
  • Environmental and geo-scientific research data community; and
  • Research Office, Ethics Committee members and Legal Counsel for institutions.

Both webinars are free but registration is required and can be done here.


The first of the ANDS hosted events was in June a workshop and seminar on drones and big spatial data. This workshop consisted of presentations, multiple hands-on tutorials, and also provided the participants with an opportunity for networking with leading spatial data experts.  More information on this workshop and all the events in the ANDS drones in research series can be found here.

Further reading

More information on TERN's successes in delivering game-changing drone research infrastructure can be found here:


Above image courtesy of Yincai Zhou