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Annual National Symposium

TERN Annual Symposium, Melbourne, 29-30 March 2011

When: 29-30 March 2011
Where: The Treacy Centre, Melbourne
Theme: Sustaining Long-Term Ecosystem Research and Infrastructure (click here for program)

The objectives of this year’s symposium were:

  • To present and assess how TERN will enable the successful development of a sustainable and collaborative long-term ecosystem research network for Australia.

The intended outcomes from the symposium were:

  • Constructive critical assessment of the proposed TERN Strategic Plan, its principles, mechanisms, funding sources and governance, and capacity to achieve a sustainable and collaborative long-term ecosystem research network for Australia.
  • To impart an understanding of the underlying principles of participating in TERN, and the capability it will provide through its facility portals and the Australian Ecosystems Portal.
  • Recognition that the funding and rewards system for ecosystem science and research in Australia needs to be changed to include publication, use and citation of a data set(s) as measures of research output and impact

Keynote Speaker Presentations (video file)

Data Intensive Challenges in Biodiversity Conservation: a mulit-scale approach to estimating species distributions
Dr Steve Kelling

Director of Information Science
Cornell University Lab of Ornithology

Innovations in Environment Research, Monitoring and Governance
Prof. Bill Dennison

Vice President for Science Application and Professor of Marine Science
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

PowerPoint Presentations all speakers


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