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TERN Brochures and Publications

TERN Brochures & Publications

Observing Environmental Change in Australia: Conversations for Sustainability - May 2019     TERN Overview Brochure - October 2018
A comprehensive and engaging review of how the past decade of Australian Government research infrastructure investment has transformed our understanding of the environment.     This brochure (approx. 2MB) gives a brief snapshot of TERN's vision, infrastructure, and the benefits of TERN for Australia's ecosystem science and management communities.
TERN Delivers - v4 May 2018      
TERN Delivers (approx. 1MB) includes a range of case studies and examples of the ways that TERN's infrastructure is having an impact by enabling stakeholders to work more collaboratively, efficiently, and productively than has ever previously been possible.      


Publications Using TERN Infrastructure

TERN Publications 2009 to 2019 - March 2019

Since its inception, TERN's infrastructure has enabled the publication of more than 1000 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles or books.

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