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Data publishing continuum

Across the continuum of approaches to data publishing, the different levels of involvement in data publishing enable varying degrees of collaboration and contribution to science. TERN’s national ecosystem data infrastructure is addressing many of the perceived risks, helping Australia’s ecosystem researchers and managers overcome some of the technical barriers to more efficient and effective data publication and sharing.

We're now developing materials to assist people in understanding the continuum of approaches to data publishing, the benefits and challenges of different approaches, and how TERN's infrastructure can be used across the continuum. The table below shows a representation of the continuum of approaches, and outlines some of the impacts of different approaches.

This is just a starting point to addressing the wide range of topics that could be discussed in relation to data publication - a work in progress - and we'd appreciate your thoughts, comments, and questions on anything shown below. Your feedback helps to ensure we're meeting the needs of the Australian ecosystem science community into the future. If you'd like to comment, please email us.


Representation of the data publishing continuum:





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