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Ecosystem Modelling and Scaling Infrastructure

TERN's former Ecosystem Modelling and Scaling Infrastructure Facility (eMAST) enhanced the capacity for assimilation and integration of data into modelling applications. By assembling data sets and developing software eMAST enabled testing, updating, and improvement of models used for such applications as future climate scenarios and assessment of primary production, at a wide range of temporal and spatial scales.

Using data from a variety of sources including TERN Facilities such as AusCover, Eco-Informatics, the MSPN, and OzFlux, eMAST provided the tools to systematically test and improve ecosystem models so that their practical potential is realised.

The eMAST infrastructure was designed to work with a range of ecosystem models with applications from landscape management to carbon accounting and climate prediction. eMAST also linked biophysical and biogeochemical processes to biodiversity conservation, water resources and fire risks. Thus, eMAST unlocked the potential of TERN’s data streams by integrating modelling with a wide range of data types.

eMAST’s world-leading effort was made possible through the sharing of data and collaboration across different scientific communities. In addition to working closely with other TERN Facilities, eMAST had strong links with the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), and the CSIRO. Through its work, it also created new opportunities for multi-disciplinary collaboration within the wider Australian ecosystem research community.



Components of the former e-MAST Facility


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