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Get involved!

TERN can only ever be as good as the quality of input it gets — and that includes from our readers and collaborators everywhere.

You can get involved in TERN’s work by using and contributing data to the portals of the various TERN facilities. Talk to the people below about becoming actively involved in TERN’s work.


Facility and contact

Phone number

Types of data, and notes


Matt Paget

(02) 6246 5786

Remote sensing-derived products and associated field-validation data


Ben Sparrow

(08) 8313 1201

Rangeland and forest plot-based data

Australian Coastal Ecosystems

Jonathan Hodge

(07) 3833 5515

Coastal data, including water quality, coastal habitats, coastal bathymetry and marine turtles

Australian Supersite Network

Mirko Karan


Biogeochemical data, ecological data, flux data

Australian Transect Network

Ian Fox

(08) 8313 2047 Ecosystem data from major sub-continental transects


Craig Walker and Anita Smyth

(08) 8313 1270

Plot-based ecological data, and any questions about ÆKOS


Professor Colin Prentice - Chair

Bradley Evans - Director


(02) 9850 6270

eMAST has developed Australia's first gridded 1km climate dataset, a suite of bioclimatic summary indices and open source tools to generate them. Supplementing these data, eMAST is developing modelled estimates of Australia's carbon and water cycles covering the period 1970 to present. As part of our TERN wide synthesis strategy, we have developed Australia's first Ecosystem Model Parameters (EMP) database.

Long Term Ecological Research

Emma Burns

(02) 6125 1737

Long-term ecological plot data


Eva van Gorsel

(02) 6246 5611

Meteorology forcing data, land–air exchanges (fluxes) of carbon dioxide, heat, energy and water

Soil and Landscape Grid
of Australia

Peter Wilson

(02) 6246 5860

Soil-related data

Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Siddeswara Guru
(07) 3346 3125 Data synthesis and integration products



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