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International Sense of Place Survey

International Sense of Place Survey

Friday, 13 December 2019

Sense of Place is a concept used to characterise the relationship between people and spatial settings (Caves, 2004).  It is commonly used in urban and rural studies to analyse the attachment of communities to their environment (Groat, 1995).

The International Long Term Ecological Research Network (ILTER) is working to develop the Sense of Place concept as a a tool to evaluate the social dimensions of Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites and Long Term Socio-economic and Ecosystem Research (LTSER) platforms.

The first step in this development is a survey that aims to collect information about educational activities at LTER sites that deal with aspects of Sense of Place and research on this topic.

The ultimate goal is to build a network of collaborators to develop and implement a common assessment tool for international cross-site comparisons of Sense of Place.

TERN, as Australia's ILTER representative, invites you to participate in the short survey and share it with others you think might be interested. 

  • The ILTER/LTSER team leading this project is made up of: Noa Avriel Avni (Israel), Ricardo Rozzi (USA and Chile), Kelli Moses (Chile), Miri Navi Leeman (Israel), Jen Holzer (Israel), Miguel Salvador Troncoso Oyarzún (Chile) and Alan Berkowitz (USA). For more information please contact Noa Avriel Avni.
  • A list of Australian LTER sites can be found online here.
  • Take the Sense of Place survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LWK2RD5