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Natureís Scientific Data journal recommends TERNís ∆KOS data portal

Nature’s Scientific Data journal recommends TERN’s ÆKOS data portal

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

We are very pleased to announce a collaboration between the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN)’s ÆKOS and the Nature Research* journal Scientific Data.

ÆKOS has been approved by Scientific Data as providing stable archiving and long-term preservation of Australian ecology data and is now a recommended data repository. From today researchers have the opportunity to deposit their data to ÆKOS using it’s data submission tool SHaRED, when submitting a Data Descriptor to Scientific Data.

ÆKOS’s SHaRED provides peer reviewers with full (and confidential) access to the data during the review process.  Upon publication, ÆKOS will ensure the data is made freely accessible and preserved for the long-term benefit of the research community.

Scientific Data is an open access data journal, offering a new article type, the ‘Data Descriptor’.  The Data Descriptor has been specifically designed to publish peer-reviewed research data in an accessible way, so as to facilitate its interpretation and reuse. Publishing Data Descriptors enables data produces and curators to gain appropriate credit for their work, whilst also promoting reproducible research.  The main goals of this journal are tightly aligned with that of ÆKOS, focusing on making the data publicly accessible and encouraging re-use.

We’re delighted to be working with Nature Research on this open initiative. We invite the Australian ecological community to share their data by submitting it to ÆKOS’s SHaRED, gain credit for their data by submitting a Data Descriptor to Scientific Data, and contribute to this exciting open data effort.”   






*Nature Research is a flagship portfolio of journals, products and services, including Nature and the Nature-branded journals. Nature Research is part of Springer Nature, one of the world’s leading global research, educational and professional publishers.