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TERN-ANU Landscape Data Visualiser

Discover, map and analyse the variety of landscape and ecosystem data provided by TERN and ANU’s Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics, including satellite observations, national-scale predictions, airborne measurements, and sensor network and survey data. Easy online access to over 50 datasets and useful visualisations!


The TERN-ANU Landscape Data Visualiser is a web atlas that lets you discover a wealth of landscape and ecosystem data from satellite observations, airborne measurements, field surveys, sensor networks and national-scale model predictions.

It gives you access to more than 50 datasets providing information on, for example:

  • Ecosystem composition
  • Vegetation properties
  • Carbon uptake and release
  • Bushfires
  • Water and energy exchanges
  • Soil moisture
  • Soil depth, texture and chemistry
  • River flows and inundation

You can you drill down to any location of interest, compare data and locations, and download any of the data shown. 

To start your discovery, you can access the Landscape Data Visualiser via TERN (maps.tern.org.au) or via ANU (anuwald.science/ternanu).


Comparing species recorded at TERN ecosystem surveillance sites with soil clay content (above right) and flood inundation (above)


Airborne laser scanning data showing the location, height and density of vegetation and buildings in Canberra' parliamentary triangle (above) and at TERN's Samford Peri-Urban SuperSite in Queensland (below)



The height of individual tree crowns near Alice Springs derived from TERN’s airborne lidar collection


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