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TERN Carbon Briefing: Increasing certainty for management

The TERN carbon briefing 'Increasing certainty for management' was held in Canberra on 31 July 2012. It was standing-room only up the back as TERN Director Tim Clancy welcomed everyone, gave a brief overview of TERN, and introduced the speakers:

Continental-scale satellite data for biomass, forest cover, fire and GHG emissions assessment.
Dr Alex Held, Director - AusCover,
Near real-time measurements of CO2, water and energy fluxes: determining the best available estimates of continental carbon and water fluxes.
Dr Helen Cleugh, Director - OzFlux,
Evolving our soil carbon map.
Dr Mike Grundy, Director - Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia,
A nationally accepted field survey methodology that is generating estimates of standing and soil carbon stocks in the Australian rangelands.
Dr Nikki Thurgate, Director - Multi-Scale Plot Network,
Coastal carbon: significance and opportunities.
Dr Andy Steven, Director - Australian Coastal Ecosystems Facility,
The EucFACE Experiment: tracking carbon storage in an Australian native woodland under CO2 enrichment.
Prof David Ellsworth, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, UWS.

It was standing room only at TERN's Carbon Briefing session on 31 July.

As this was the first briefing of its type held by TERN, we asked the audience to help evaluate the session. Key feedback included:

  • All respondents indicated that they now considered TERN a valuable resource
  • Respondents were asked which TERN products/activities presented that day were most useful to them. When all responses were compiled, each presentation/presenter was explicitly mentioned at least once
  • When asked to rank their state of knowledge (1 = very little, 5 = very high) before and after the briefing, about TERN’s aims, usefulness of TERN’s products, and relevance to their work, average respondent replies were:


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