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TERN Feedback Survey: summary of results

TERN Feedback Survey: summary of results

Thanks to everyone for your help with our recent feedback survey, the response rate and quality of feedback have been remarkable.  The survey is an important assessment of TERN’s progress towards our goals, especially during our current transitioning period, and complements the other more conventional indicators of impact that we keep track of, such as numbers of scientific publications, numbers of datasets published, and numbers of research centres and students supported.

The 78 respondents to this year’s survey were a diverse group. Not only were they from all states and territories of Australia (as well many from overseas), but they were from a broad range of occupations in the ecosystem science and management community – from university researchers to federal government policymakers, to industry consultants, to managers at NGOs. This gives us some confidence that the results reflect TERN’s broader stakeholder community.

TERN pertinent to 98% of respondents

It will take a little while for us to work through the results in detail and reflect on how we can use them to continue to improve our delivery to stakeholders. In the meantime, we’d like to share a few of the most interesting insights with you.

First, it’s clear that there is enormously strong support for the collaborative research infrastructure and open data delivered through TERN. Nearly 98% of respondents said that TERN's infrastructure capabilities are relevant to their work.  Even more encouraging from this is the number of respondents that said that more than one TERN capability is relevant—another indicator that gives us confidence that our field observatory restructure reflects the needs of the ecosystems science community.


Extensive outputs and impacts from TERN

Encouragingly, the suite of outputs our respondents expect to generate using TERN’s infrastructure capabilities is as diverse as the community they represent.  From databases, new academic papers and methods right through to policy development and enhanced community knowledge and engagement, the outputs TERN infrastructure and data generate are quite astounding. It is exciting to think of the impact these outputs will have on Australia’s environment, economy and society as they are further developed and taken up by industry, land managers and policymakers.


Thanks again to all our respondents, the feedback you have provided is invaluable for us in planning for the future and guiding the next phase of Australia’s land ecosystem observatory.  We leave you with a few quotes from our stakeholders.




Published in TERN newsletter February 2018