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Vale John La Salle

Vale John La Salle 

In late May our friend and colleague Dr John La Salle from CSIRO, long-time Director of the NCRIS-funded Atlas of Living Australia (ALA), died in an accident. We send our thoughts and best wishes to John’s family and all his colleagues across Australia’s wide ecological community.


Throughout the term of John’s leadership at ALA, TERN and ALA have had close connections at the project level, both being members of the family of NCRIS-funded projects and sharing many initiatives such as the Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory and EcoCloud.

As a tribute to John and in celebration of his legacy, here we share just a few of the collaboration success stories that have appeared in our past newsletters.


EcoEd training for first-rate science education

TERN has joined forces with the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) and Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory (BCCVL) to deliver a new training program that builds on our past educational achievements and provides the training required to further incorporate NCRIS-developed services, capabilities and expertise into Australia’s higher education and research sector.


Working with the community to collect data on raptors

A unique citizen science project utilising the data infrastructure of multiple NCRIS facilities, including TERN and the Atlas of Living Australia, is collecting and collating information on three iconic Australian raptor species to ensure their longevity. So, grab your camera and contribute to managing, understanding and protecting these spectacular birds of prey.


NCRIS partnerships developing complementary data services

A collaborative initiative with the Atlas of Living Australia has enabled significant advancement towards the delivery of more integrated, efficient and effective data and services to our users.


Improving understanding of extreme coastal events

We Australians prize our coastlines. Yet agencies responsible for managing these dynamic ecosystems frequently struggle to access the data and infrastructure they need to prepare for and learn from storm surges, flooding and erosion events. TERN’s Coasts Facility is here to help.



We will continue to strengthen our relationship with ALA and as we bring you new stories of the successes we will remember John’s leadership in making biodiversity-related data more accessible to researchers and the wider community.

The ALA website has a short obituary and more information if you would like to make a donation in John’s memory: https://www.ala.org.au/blogs-news/vale-dr-john-la-salle/




Published in TERN newsletter June 2018