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Wild Boar - pest fauna protocols

TERN producing Australian Pest Fauna Monitoring Protocols

A lack of data-collection standardisation makes for unclear results from fauna-management projects. To solve this, TERN, in partnership with the Australian Government, is developing standardised monitoring and data-collection protocols and tools.

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Pilbara woodland, Australia (TERN)

TERN supports commercialisation success

An Australian commercial remote-sensing product is helping environmental management. TERN’s data provides the validation that makes it all work.

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Australian tropical rainforests, far north Queensland. Credit Alexander Shenkin

Climate, Forests and Nature

TERN is now custodian of a remarkable long-term data set from CSIRO that was used by an international team of researchers, including from Australia, for a major study published in the prestigious journal, Nature in May 2022.

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Australia's Environment Report 2021 image

Australia’s Environment in 2021

Lower temperatures and good rainfall, in part due to La Niña conditions, have supported a strong recovery for Australia’s environment following record hot temperatures, drought and a catastrophic bushfire season two years ago, according to the annual Australia’s Environment Report.

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PhD student Ruby Hume in the field

Centre Spotlight: The Environment Institute

The final in TERN’s series on ecological research being undertaken across Australia in university centres and institutes focuses on two projects within the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, one about understanding agricultural soils and the other, a greener urban future.

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A scientist conducts field lab experiments at TERN's Robson Creek Rainforest SuperSite in Queensland

Novel forest research using TERN set to improve ecosystem-climate modelling

Researchers using TERN’s forest monitoring sites have produced a more accurate way of coupling the forest canopy and atmosphere components in the models that simulate ecosystem shifts in response to climate change. The collaborative international research also reports that certain aspects of forest function may be influenced more by humidity than amounts of rain.

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TERN supports citizen science for long-term biodiversity monitoring of orchids

Calling all wild orchid enthusiasts. Grab your phone, choose an orchid location, and using our specially developed orchid app, report your observations each flowering season – same place, same time. With your help, long-term datasets will help scientists and land managers to track changes in Australia’s orchid biodiversity over time.

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Graphic of TERN's Data Exchange Standard

TERN develops new ecological survey data exchange standard

Developed by TERN to meet the needs of the Australian Government, the conceptualisation for structuring and sharing ecological survey data collected at multiple sites will not only facilitate the standard representation and exchange of data but also substantially improve sharing and integration between multiple data providers.

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Looking back at TERN’s 2021 webinars

From water in our environment and Australia’s sea-change phenomenon to ecosystem resilience and climate modelling, TERN’s 2021 webinar series covered some of the nation’s biggest ecosystem science issues. If you didn’t get to see them, want to watch them again, or think a colleague might be interested, you can access recordings of all the webinars here.

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Old field restoration improves biodiversity and soils and large parts of Australia have huge potential to be remediated

Looking for some good environmental news? Join a team of scientists exploring the environmental restoration of unused agricultural land in Western Australia’s wheatbelt and around the world. Their findings, coupled with the global potential for positive impact, are cause for optimism. And, thanks to TERN data infrastructure, all their data are FAIR and ready to enable ongoing science and land management.

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