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TERN ecosystem data for teaching

The grand challenges facing our environment requires analysis of big data.  To help students access and learn more about the data collected by Australia’s Land …

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Credit: ABC Joshua Becker

New soil erosion research improves bushfire recovery

Research using TERN-delivered remote sensing data and digital soil maps has assessed the state and trends of hillslope erosion across New South Wales.  The new …

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Credit: Hanwood Rural Fire Brigade

Australia’s environment in 2019

Temperatures up, rainfall down, and the destruction of vegetation and ecosystems by drought, fire and land clearing continued. That is the main conclusion from Australia’s Environment in 2019, the latest in an annual series of environmental condition reports, released today.

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Do you use or want Leaf Area Index data? Please let us know

To ensure that TERN delivers in-demand data and that our NCRIS grant is spent in the most efficient way possible, we’re consulting with our users to determine the future of LAI data collection at TERN sites.

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SMIPS Concept Diagram - Draft 0.6 800

Cosmic help for down-to-Earth environmental monitoring

TERN and its partners are developing a revolutionary soil moisture information system, which will help land managers better monitor drought, predict bushfires and floods and make highly informed management choices to improve agricultural productivity.

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Liveability for all on our urban fringes

NCRIS-enabled projects AURIN and TERN are delivering data and analysis tools to support research and planning for more sustainable urban environments. Explore the free urban …

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Treetop to bedrock: understanding resilience of Australia’s Critical Zone to human impact

An interdisciplinary team is developing Australia’s first Critical Zone Observatories Strategy — the first step towards providing a robust, long-term framework for more effective and …

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R package for Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia

Quickly and easily download geographic subsets of nationally-consistent and comprehensive soil and landscape data for your area of interest. The Grid’s ability to support agricultural …

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TERN data R package

Extract, prepare,visualise and analyse soil and vegetation data from over 700 Australia-wide ecosystem monitoring plots with TERN’s R package. Access the package and take advantage …

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Virtual desktop supercharges big data analyses

TERN is developing Cloud and Virtual Laboratory infrastructure that’s enabling researchers to work effectively in the current big data era. From ecosystem risk assessments to the impact of extreme weather on dogs, find out how the diverse users of the TERN CoESRA Virtual Desktop are using this free, portable and powerful computational environment to run big data analyses and share their work.

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