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Do you use or want Leaf Area Index data? Please let us know

To ensure that TERN delivers in-demand data and that our NCRIS grant is spent in the most efficient way possible, we’re consulting with our users to determine the future of LAI data collection at TERN sites.

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Investigating carbon, water and energy fluxes in agricultural systems of Australia and New Zealand

New science using TERN assesses the impact land management intensity has on carbon stocks and flow, plant water use and heat stress. Read the results from 19 farm sites across Australia and New Zealand and find out how they could help agricultural enterprise optimise without compromising the environment.

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Centre Spotlight: Environmental Futures Research Institute

In March we’re featuring Griffith University’s Environmental Futures Research Institute and research that’s developing solutions to facilitate clean, resilient and sustainable futures, and improved health and wellbeing of people.

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Cosmic help for down-to-Earth environmental monitoring

TERN and its partners are developing a revolutionary soil moisture information system, which will help land managers better monitor drought, predict bushfires and floods and make highly informed management choices to improve agricultural productivity.

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Liveability for all on our urban fringes

NCRIS-enabled projects AURIN and TERN are delivering data and analysis tools to support research and planning for more sustainable urban environments. Explore the free urban …

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Ghost Trees

A unique art exhibition was held in February 2020 that explored the creative possibilities of Big Data on the environment.  Ghost Trees uses environmental laser …

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Safeguarding national research infrastructure from extreme events

How can environmental research infrastructure providers, including TERN and its field-based NCRIS siblings, limit the damage extreme events have on sensors and other globally important …

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CO₂ sink to source: Arid Australia’s climate and rainfall driven tipping points

New science using NCRIS-enabled TERN research infrastructure improves our understanding of the amount of rain our arid ecosystems need before they switch from being carbon …

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Essential environmental data rise from the ashes

Automated sensors and detailed field surveys give scientists an unprecedented understanding of post-fire recovery and resilience of the Australian environment. While our country reels from …

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Combining ideas on Earth systems modelling for good

Better integration of Earth observation data into environmental models is critical to our ability to understand, predict and address complex global sustainability challenges and realise …

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