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Heat tips forest from CO₂ sink to source

New science using TERN finds Melaleuca forests—think tea trees and paperbarks—are more vulnerable to climate stresses than eucalypt forests. Storing >5% of Australia’s forest carbon, …

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I spy: Enhanced camera network to track environmental change

TERN, together with another NCRIS-enabled infrastructure, the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility, is significantly upgrading its nation-wide network of time-lapse cameras that monitor the timing of …

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Counting carbon from burning wastelands to healthy peat swamp forest

Automated environmental monitoring sensors have just been installed in a patch of Indonesian wetland, the size of Melbourne, to quantify the stocks and flows of …

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Soil Grid from Google | Featured image for Landscape Monitoring for Landscape Research at TERN.

Big data and online tools improve farms from the ground up

TERN-delivered soil and landscape data have been incorporated into a leading agricultural decision-support tool that’s helping farmers achieve more from their land and limited resources, …

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Monitoring the world’s 3rd largest tropical rainforest

In an effort to highlight terrestrial ecosystem monitoring, research and management in the broader Oceania region, we bring you news—and a stunning collection of photos—on …

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Integrating plot-based ecological data in Australia: a semantic approach

TERN is developing an innovative approach to integrate plot-based ecological data collected by TERN and multiple agencies from different jurisdictions. This is your chance to …

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Copernicus’ Tower

How a research tower in the Snowy Mountains became crucial to the most ambitious Earth observation program to date. Another page is being written in …

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New maps reveal mangrove change since 80s

A new study of Australia’s mangrove ecosystems over the past 30 years has found that they expanded between 1992 and 2010 but have been contracting …

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Ecosystem observatory further expands regional coverage

TERN has added another 24 permanent vegetation and soil monitoring plots to its national network of over 700 ecosystem surveillance sites. The new plots in …

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Share Big Earth Data support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

TERN’s remote sensing data products are enhancing Australia’s contribution to achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals. Learn about the data, the policy and goals they’re …

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