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Centre spotlight: Remote Sensing Research Centre

Welcome to the first in a new TERN eNewsletter feature series showcasing Australian and international ecosystem science research centres and laboratories. We’re kicking off with …

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Finding the true holy grail of biological barometers

New science conducted at 27 research sites around the world, including one of TERN’s, has challenged the long-held belief that leaf traits are the best …

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New skills and practical inspiration: TERN plot-based ecological monitoring training a big success

Current and next generation ecosystem scientists, managers and volunteers from around Australia were recently trained in TERN’s field survey protocols, acquiring skills and practical inspiration …

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Unscrambling colour variation in Aussie birds’ eggs

Researchers have used TERN-delivered remote sensing data to try to explain the vast range of colours and patterns found on Australian bird eggs. Read on …

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Australia’s Environment in 2018

Researchers have taken advantage of TERN’s trusted national and long-term data to develop the latest in an annual series of environmental condition reports. The report, …

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Biosphere Soundscapes at the arts-science interface

TERN has collected, archived and made openly available over 60,000 sound files from 21 unique ecosystems across our nation-wide research infrastructure. Later this month a …

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Do trees sweat to beat the heat?

As temperature records continued to tumble last summer, a timely experiment using TERN data has added to our understanding about how Australian woodlands cope with …

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Mitchell Grasslands ecosystem observatory takes grassroots sky-high

From on-ground monitoring plots, to high-tech sensor-laden towers and satellite measurements, all scales of TERN’s ecosystem observatory are coming together at our newest site in …

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ecocloud is here to help

Just months old, ecocloud is already being used by researchers and students alike. From big data analyses in seconds to better research in the field, …

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Learning from change

The full extent of devastation following the recent bushfires in Tasmania is becoming clear. This is what our worried researchers found when it was finally …

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