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R package for Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia

Quickly and easily download geographic subsets of nationally-consistent and comprehensive soil and landscape data for your area of interest. The Grid’s ability to support agricultural …

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A decade of TERN facilitated publications catalogued

Since its inception, TERN’s infrastructure has been used in a wide range of research, resulting in the publication of more than 1000 peer-reviewed scientific journal …

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TERN data R package

Extract, prepare,visualise and analyse soil and vegetation data from over 700 Australia-wide ecosystem monitoring plots with TERN’s R package. Access the package and take advantage …

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People using TERN: Keren Raiter

Sly foxes and copycats. It seems that Australia’s predators, including feral cats, foxes and dingoes, are living up to their idioms by capitalising on human-made …

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Leaf waxes paint picture of past to inform future

The plant waxes contained in thousands of soil samples collected by TERN are enabling scientists to reconstruct past plant records that hold clues to predicting …

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The world’s most valuable micro-meteorological data?

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes has independently analysed Australia’s data on land-atmosphere exchanges of energy, carbon and water collected by TERN and …

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Monitoring protocol for mine rehabilitation assessments

The Australian Government has adopted TERN’s standard protocol for field-based environmental monitoring to assess the rehabilitation of the Northern Territory’s Ranger uranium mine following its …

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NEW! TERN-ANU Landscape Data Visualiser

Discover, map and analyse the variety of landscape and ecosystem data provided by TERN and ANU’s Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics, including satellite observations, …

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World’s first global vegetation database

An international research team has produced the world’s first global vegetation database. Containing over 1.1 million complete lists of plant species for all terrestrial ecosystems, …

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Harvesting virtual forests

Forests store more carbon than any other above-ground ecosystem on the planet. Just how much, though, is hard to know without cutting them down. Enter …

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