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Australia’s newest weed

All that glitters is not gold when it comes to Australia’s newest weed. The previously unrecorded species of clover, found during TERN’s survey of Australia’s …

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‘Kyoto Statement’ on Asia-Pacific actions on SDGs

163 representatives from across the Asia-Pacific region, including TERN Australia, have committed to an ambitious action statement on achieving the global targets set by the …

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Dry, drier… Repeat environmental surveys deliver detailed drought data

More than 100 TERN Ecosystem Surveillance plots have now been sampled multiple times. The open data from these plots allow researchers to better understand how …

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It’s a long way to the top if you wanna survey Cape York

TERN has added 24 more permanent plots to its national network of over 600 ecosystem surveillance sites. The new sites just added in Far North …

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Ethabuka Spring sunset

#FieldWorkFail? Making the most of incomplete long-term datasets

Let’s face it, sometimes fieldwork just doesn’t go to plan. Thankfully, however, there’s an exciting new modelling solution, called MARSS, that allows users to investigate …

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Sensitive sensors survive savanna scorching

When collecting data on fire it’s to be expected that things are going to get a bit hot sometimes. The annual clash between sensitive science …

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Robson Ck-tower view800

TERN’s role in national greenhouse gas accounting

TERN data are being used by one of our closest partners, the Australian Government’s Department of Environment and Energy to calibrate and validate carbon models …

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55 global superstars of space-borne data validation

The international Committee on Earth Observation Satellites has added TERN’s Australia-wide network of 12 ecosystem process monitoring SuperSites to their list of top 55 global …

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The impact of climate change on South Australia’s flora

A new synthesis has identified the implications of climate change for South Australia’s plant species and the state’s biodiversity. What does a warmer future mean …

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Stepping stones to better climate models

New research from Australia’s prestigious Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science has laid down some vital stepping stones for further improving the models we …

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