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A national mangrove observing system

In a giant leap towards the creation of Australia’s first nationwide mangrove observing system, TERN has provided open access to decades of historical and newly …

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Big data, trusted services empower research and higher education

In the first quarter of 2017 over a trillion data records were downloaded via TERN’s AEKOS data portal. These data and our trusted services that …

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Data Driven Decisions

What’s the future of Australia’s environmental observing systems and the eResearch platforms that underpin them? How can we ensure that they continue to facilitate world-leading …

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Making farms “more profitable in every sense”

20 years of biodiversity and farm health research at TERN monitoring sites will help ANU researchers and farmers better integrate the environment and farming to …

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Taking TERN soil tools to near neighbours and beyond

TERN’s Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia continues to be used as regional role model and template in international cooperative soil information management. The Grid …

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London calling: TERN’s Earth observation infrastructure on the global stage

Australia is a global leader in Earth observation thanks in part to TERN technologies, infrastructure and tools. Our ability to continue supporting Australian science communities …

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Taking the pulse of Australia’s environment

Vegetation across Australia received much-needed rains in 2016, but this broad positive trend for the environment was marred by severe ecological damage in some regions. …

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Sweet as Raspberry Pi: TERN’s new sensor technology for easier and cheaper ecosystem surveillance

Perched 30m above the Daintree Rainforest, Australia’s latest piece of high-tech environmental surveillance kit is keeping watch. 24 hours a day TERN’s camera feeds time-lapse …

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Conserving blink-and-you’ll-miss-it biodiversity

Using biodiversity data collected from 160 ecosystem-monitoring plots along an 870 km long section of TERN’s South West Australian Transitional Transect (SWATT), new research has revealed …

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Raincoat for a rainforest: Simulating drought in the Daintree

How might the world’s rainforests respond if droughts become more frequent in the future? This question is behind a unique experiment using one of TERN’s environmental …

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