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PhD student Ruby Hume in the field

Centre Spotlight: The Environment Institute

The final in TERN’s series on ecological research being undertaken across Australia in university centres and institutes focuses on two projects within the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, one about understanding agricultural soils and the other, a greener urban future.

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Centre Spotlight: The ANU Institute for Space

What we can learn about our continent’s environment from space, in concert with land-based monitoring, is vitally important to observing, understanding and sustainably managing Australia’s natural and social capital. This month’s spotlight is on the Australian National University (ANU) Institute for Space, or InSpace.

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Catch up with TERN at the Ecological Society of Australia conference

The Ecological Society of Australia conference is rapidly approaching, and TERN is proud to be both a major sponsor and a participant. Read on to find out about our workshop on publishing your research data via TERN and where else you are likely to find TERN, including at the long-term ecological research workshop and presenting on topics like the Threatened Species Index.

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The pillars of Australia’s research system

Australia is on the verge of making further substantial investments in the assets, facilities and services that support the nation’s health, STEM and agricultural research sectors, but what are they, what do they do and how do they remain relevant to emerging technologies and priorities?

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Science Symposium recap and revelations

The inaugural biennial TERN Science Symposium, held on 5-6 July 2021, provided two days of snappy and stimulating presentations revealing some of the innovative basic and applied research being conducted in Australia, and beyond, much of it using TERN ecosystem data and resources.

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Centre Spotlight: ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage

This month we look at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH)’s work on providing a culturally inclusive, globally significant human and environmental history of Australia – Australia’s Epic Story.

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Directors Update – February 2021

From February to late October, TERN will be focused on the 2021 Research Infrastructure Roadmap consultation process due to be launched imminently by the Australian Department of Education, Skills and Employment. TERN hopes its ecosystem community will engage strongly and generously with the Roadmap consultations to set the national priorities for Australian research infrastructure over the next decade.

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Forests are nature’s shock-absorbers

A recently released study using TERN is calling attention to the remarkably protective role forests and wetlands play in lessening the impacts of extreme weather on natural and modified landscapes. The research uses an innovative new method to measure the ability of different vegetation types across global biomes to buffer temperature extremes. The method also provides managers with a tool to evaluate the threat to biodiversity of such extremes.

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Monitoring Australia’s life-sustaining ‘Critical Zone’ resources

A consortium of Australian universities has secured $1.2M of Australian Government funding to help create a network of Critical Zone Observatories (CZO) across Australia. The funding will enable research into Australia’s outer skin—from treetop to bedrock, where water, atmosphere, ecosystems, soil and rock interact—to better understand and manage the availability of its life-sustaining resources.

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Centre Spotlight: Global Ecology Laboratory

This edition we’re at the Global Ecology Laboratory learning about their ecological research, that has a particular focus on palaeo-ecological systems and forecasting future ecosystems.

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