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Directors Update – September 2021

We understand that an ‘exposure draft’ of the all-important 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap will be released in early to mid-October for comment. Let’s do our best to coordinate the responses we make as the terrestrial ecosystem community!

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The pillars of Australia’s research system

Australia is on the verge of making further substantial investments in the assets, facilities and services that support the nation’s health, STEM and agricultural research sectors, but what are they, what do they do and how do they remain relevant to emerging technologies and priorities?

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Directors Update – August 2021

In August, the TERN Science Advisory Committee met online under its new Chair, Distinguished Professor Belinda Medlyn and welcomed new members Professor Andy Pitman AO FAA, from UNSW, and Professor Megan Lewis, from University of Adelaide. We are delighted to see the renewal of five members and thank two outgoing members at the end of their three-year terms.

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Directors Update – July 2021

In the interests of Australia’s multi-decadal ability to understand and predict environmental changes, TERN’s vision remains consistent – in 2030, Australia will possess a continuously growing time-series of environmental measurements for land-based ecosystems that enable science for decision-making about our valuable ecosystem assets and foster targeted research on emerging challenges for the future benefit of Australians.

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Long-term ecological research in Australia

In June, the Ecological Society of Australia and the Ecosystem Science Council asked Australian ecologists about their experiences and thoughts on long-term ecological research (LTER) in Australia.  Here’s a summary of the survey results and an invitation to attend or present at the 13th International LTER East Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, to be held online from 8-9 September.

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Science Symposium recap and revelations

The inaugural biennial TERN Science Symposium, held on 5-6 July 2021, provided two days of snappy and stimulating presentations revealing some of the innovative basic and applied research being conducted in Australia, and beyond, much of it using TERN ecosystem data and resources.

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Directors Update – June 2021

Welcome to our early-winter TERN e-newsletter, which arrives as another bout of COVID-related travel restrictions grip our country, potentially interrupting TERN ecosystem monitoring. Fortunately, both our surveillance field teams were already at work in Western Australia when borders closed.”

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Science Symposium program released 

Register for free and hear from emerging and established environmental scientists, technologists & managers on creating meaningful outcomes across ecosystems, community, industry and government.

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Directors Update – May 2021

Significant news for TERN and other national research infrastructure projects this month is the announcement of the Expert Working Group for the 2021 Research Infrastructure Roadmap consultations.

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Directors Update – April 2021

TERN is preparing its engagement in the consultation phase of the upcoming national research infrastructure roadmap. We want to demonstrate that in this changing world, it is imperative for Australia to maintain its environmental monitoring program and continuity of long-term accessible, quality data on changes in our ecosystems. Maintaining such infrastructure will contribute to a more sustainable national innovation system, providing industries with quality data critical to environmentally sustainable operational decisions.

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