Data Tools

Data Access

The TERN Data Discovery Portal (TDDP) provides a catalogue of all the metadata related to TERN’s data collections.

The TDDP enables researchers to discover different data sets (including soils, terrain, water, satellite images, survey data and species observation records) for the same geographic area, and then to browse, query and extract the data through TERN’s data delivery infrastructure. The access rights for data are based on the TERN Data Licensing Policy.

Access the TERN Data Discovery Portal

Data Submission

Publish your data with TERN and raise your research profile with our data submission tool – SHaRED.

Submitting your data to ensure its provenance is recorded and to promote re-use and citation has never been easier at TERN. The user-friendly TERN data submission tool allows you to upload up to 100Mb files and link data from other web services.

Access SHaRED

Data Visualisation

The TERN-ANU Landscape Data Visualiser is a web atlas that gives you access to more than 50 landscape and ecosystem datasets from satellite observations, airborne measurements, field surveys, sensor networks and national-scale model predictions.

Access the TERN-ANU Landscape Data Visualiser

Cloud Virtual Desktop Environment

TERN CoESRA Virtual Desktop is a free virtual laboratory that provides tools including RStudio, Canopy (IDE for python and Notebook), Kepler Scientific Workflow, KNIME, QGIS, Panoply and OpenRefine to enable users to create, execute and share data simulations, visualisation, scripts and algorithms.

Access CoESRA

Cloud Platform

ecocloud provides easy access to large volumes of curated ecosystem science data and tools, a computing platform and resources and tools for innovative research. ecocloud gives you 10GB of persistent storage to keep your code/notebooks so they are ready to go when you start up a server (R or Python environment). It uses the JupyterLabs interface, which includes connections to GitHub, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Access ecocloud