Tools that support the discovery, analysis and re-use of data

  • Cloud-based virtual desktop to run and share experiments (CoESRA)
  • Data submission, harmonisation and retrieval of ecological data (SHaRED)
  • Discovery, mapping and analysis of landscape-scale ecosystem datasets (Data Visualiser)
  • Cloud-based analysis, synthesis and training platform

Discover datasets from across our sites. Search geographically, then browse, query and extract the data.

Search and download Leaf Area Index (LAI), Phenocam and Photopoint images.

Search and download acoustic data to study the biodiversity of our sites.

We’ve teamed up with ANU to provide 50 landscape and ecosystem datasets presented graphically.

A virtual laboratory that enable users to create, execute and share data simulations, visualisations, scripts and algorithms.

Our user friendly tool to upload your data securely so you can contribute to Australia’s ecological research.

ecocloud provides easy access to large volumes of curated ecosystem science data and tools, a computing platform and resources and tools for innovative research. ecocloud gives you 10GB of persistent storage to keep your code/notebooks so they are ready to go when you start up a server (R or Python environment). It uses the JupyterLabs interface, which includes connections to GitHub, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Researchers from across Australia have joined together to develop detailed digital maps of the country’s soil and landscape attributes.

The Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia provides relevant, consistent, comprehensive, nation-wide data in an easily-accessible format.