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TERN Attribution (TERN BY) Data Licence v1.0


Below is a summary of the TERN Attribution (TERN BY) Data Licence v1.0.


The TERN Attribution (TERN BY) Data Licence v1.0 is the most accommodating of the licences, and means that a user can choose to:

  • copy, re-use, share and distribute the data under the same terms
  • make derivative products by adapting and remixing the data
  • use the data for commercial purposes

provided that, whenever the data is copied, re-used, shared or distributed, the user ensures that:

  • credit is given to the original sources/s of the data (and any other nominated parties) in the manner stipulated (Attribution); and
  • the data licence terms (for further re-use) are indicated


NB: It is the responsibility of the data owner to determine which licence is most appropriate for a data set. It is also the responsibility of the user to find out (and follow) the terms of any applicable licence. TERN provides general information about licences which meet its objectives. TERN does not provide legal advice about the suitability of any particular licence for any particular purpose. If you are in any doubt, please seek your own legal advice.


The TERN suite of data licences are based on the Creative Commons v3.0 (Australia) licences but have been modified to include those items of research data which may not be subject to copyright. More information about copyright is available from IP Australia, AusGOAL, or the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department.

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