Satellite photo of Australia from space | Featured Image for TERN Biennial Science Symposia page by TERN.

TERN Biennial Science Symposia

TERN Biennial Science Symposia are a forum for sharing transdisciplinary and traditional approaches to ecosystem science research, technological development, data system innovation, collaboration and action.

TERN welcomes participation from all who have a passion for ecosystem science. The Symposia provide an opportunity to share information, experiences and ideas across domains.  Our aim is to nurture and develop new and better collaborations, linkages and insights for ecosystem science based around TERN data and resources.

Achieving national and global goals around biodiversity, responsible ecosystem stewardship, remediation of damage to ecosystems and quality of life through ecosystem resilience will entail embracing cross-disciplinary, cross-jurisdictional and cross-cultural discussion and collaboration.

The first TERN Biennial Science Symposium was held in 2021. Follow this link for the abstracts, program, presentations and proceedings from 2021.

The second TERN Biennial Science Symposium will be held in 2023.  Follow this link for preliminary information, themes and dates.