Fourth International Barcode of Life Conference

Adelaide, 28 November – 3 December 2011

As a Silver Sponsor, TERN is proud to promote this exciting conference, the first international barcode conference to be held in the Southern Hemisphere.
This event is an exciting opportunity to gain insight into the global International Barcode of Life project (iBOL), the largest biodiversity genomics initiative ever undertaken, which aims to ‘attach’ a DNA barcode to each species that makes up the Earth’s biodiversity.
And as an important science and policy event that only takes place every two years, it provides a forum for international participants and sponsoring organisations to develop partnerships for better understanding, quantifying and managing of their biodiversity with DNA barcodes.
Conference topics will explore a range of barcoding applications and developments, including:
  • environmental monitoring and assessment;
  • illegal wildlife and timber trade;
  • pest and disease diagnostics;
  • forensics;
  • quarantine identifications;
  • animal, plant and microbial systematics; and
  • beyond barcoding

Registration is now open. Early bird discounts apply for registration before 15 September 2011. For more information about registration and sponsorship opportunities visit the conference website.

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