Index of TERN newsletter articles

Graphic of a hand reaching out to touch a hologram of earth | Featured Image for TERN Biennial Science Symposia page by TERN.

Do you want to search all the way back to the beginning of TERN’s newsletters for a story you vaguely remember or maybe look for research on a specific topic related to TERN?  We can help you.  TERN has an ever-expanding hyperlinked index to its TERN News from 1 August 2011 and because it is regularly updated, the index currently covers all editions of the TERN newsletter until 31 December 2022.

As shown in the snapshot of the index above, the format of the index is a key word and then a hyperlinks in the format of year–month and usually the first main word from the title. This results in a unique hyperlink that is specific to a particular article. 

The beauty of the year–month format is that you know precisely when an article was published, which is quite beneficial to TERN staff and other users, making the index a very useful resource.

In case you are interested in the art of indexing, the TERN Index is the work of Max McMaster from Master Indexing and Max runs courses.

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