CoESRA Case Study 2: Georgina Gidgee Woodlands

IUCN Ecosystem Risk Assessment of Georgina gidgee woodlands in Central Australia

Project Description

A Kepler scientific workflow has been developed to reproduce the IUCN RLE assessment of Georgina gidgee Woodlands in central Australia [1] .

Two different workflows were developed: First, the Species Distribution Model is performed locally in the virtual desktop; Second, the species distribution model is invoked from Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Lab (BCCVL) from Kepler workflow as an API call.

  • Desert Ecology Research Group, University of Sydney.
  • Research Data Services
How to run

Login to CoESRA virtual desktop and following below steps:

  • In the application menu, click on CoESRA and Kepler.
  • On the left-hand side menu in Kepler, click on “Coesra-tern” and “IUCN_assessment_georgina_gidgee” folder.
  • Double click on workflow icons with the name “IUCN_Georgina_gidgee_woodlands.xml” to run an original assessment or “IUCN_Georgina_gidgee_woodlands_bccvl.xml” to execute the assessment by using BCCVL for Species Distribution Modelling.

The workflow will open in a new window and click a start button to run the workflow.

  1. G. M. Wardle, A. C. Greenville, A. S. K. Frank, M. Tischler, N. J. Emery, and C. R. Dickman, “Ecosystem risk assessment of Geogina Gidgee woodlands in central Australia,” Austral Ecology, vol. 40, p. 15, 2015.