Mitchell Grass Rangeland SuperSite

TERN’s Mitchell Grass Rangeland SuperSite is near Longreach in western Queensland, in the Mitchell Grass Downs bioregion, which covers approximately 47 million hectares (14% of Queensland and 6% of Australia). Traditional owners at this site are the Iningai people.

Site Infrastructure & Characteristics

SuperSite Research Infrastructure
  • One eddy-covariance flux tower
  • 26 x 1 ha Surveillance monitoring plots
SuperSite Details
  • Vegetation type: Arid tussock grassland
  • Elevation: ~191 m
  • Rainfall: ~444 mm/yr
  • Mean Temperature: ~23.4°C
  • Soils: Vertosol

Site Research

Research using the Mitchell Grass Rangeland SuperSite is investigating the impact of long-term stocking densities on net primary productivity (NPP), carbon exchange and evapotranspiration from the Mitchell grasslands.

Featured Dataset

This dataset consists of measurements of the exchange of energy and mass between the surface and the atmospheric boundary-layer in arid tussock grassland using eddy covariance techniques.

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Research Publications

Since its inception, TERN’s infrastructure has enabled the publication of more than 1600 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles or books.