To ensure the widest possible participation of Australian researchers in TERN, the national research infrastructure project operates as a multi-institutional collaboration. An Advisory Board of independent and representational members of the collaborating institutions and an independent Science Advisory Committee support the Director of TERN and the Lead Agent, the University of Queensland, in the governance of nationwide TERN. 

TERN Executive Group
  • Chair - TERN Director
Science Advisory Committee
  • Chair – vacant
  • Dr Margaret Byrne (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Helen Cleugh
  • Prof Jenny Davis
  • Dr Ross Wilkinson / Dr Adrian Burton
  • Dr Ashley Sparrow
  • Prof Alex McBratney
  • Prof Adrienne Nicotra


Subcommittees &
working groups of the TERN Advisory Board
Prof Lyn Beazley AO (Chair)
Dr Louise Minty (Deputy Chair)
Kylie Galway
Dr Beryl Morris
Prof Joe Shapter
Prof Andrew Krockenberger
Dr Douglas Robertson
Prof Andy Lowe
Dr Margaret Byrne
Prof Simon Ringer
Dr Dan Metcalfe

Lead Agent and Operational Partners

The University of Queensland (UQ) is the recipient of TERN’s Australian Government NCRIS grant and has legal responsibility for delivering the TERN project. The head office and data services components of TERN are operated from UQ while operation of the observatory components of the project are contracted to CSIRO, University of Adelaide and James Cook University. These three Operational Partners then contract other institutions to assist with operation of specific sites or development of products.

TERN Advisory Board

Independent members and representatives of the Lead Agent and Operational Partners provide advice on the overall strategic direction, management and performance of TERN and establishment of longer-term national strategic goals. The Advisory Board has a number of subcommittees, including the Science Advisory Committee, Data Subcommittee and User Advisory Committee.

TERN Science Advisory Committee

Provides independent advice to the Advisory Board, relating to the role of national research infrastructure in meeting national and regional science priorities.

TERN Executive Group

Lead personnel from TERN’s head office,  observatory and data services capabilities of TERN comprise the TERN Executive Group, which helps to guide operational and reporting requirements of TERN with respect to the NCRIS grant program and other funders.