Data submission tool

Publish your data with TERN through SHaRED and raise your research profile.

Submitting your data will ensure provenance and promote re-use and citation. Our new streamlined data submission tool has made this process a whole lot easier. Click below to begin.

Our data submission tool, SHaRED, allows ecosystem scientists to easily upload datasets into TERN’s common and secure data repository where they can be retrieved by others to create new science, new knowledge and educational tools.

The latest version of SHaRED has new features aimed at making data publishing as easy as possible:

User Friendly

User friendly and intuitive
metadata form

Simple Sign on

Sign on with Google ID
or TERN Single Sign On

Upload 100Mb files

Upload files
up to 100 MB

Link Data

Link data from web services

Quick and easy, but secure

Intuitive features and drop-down menus enable data submission into TERN in typically less than 30 minutes.

Despite the speed of submission, SHaRED does not compromise on the collection of the structured metadata which increase the chances of people finding your data.

Your data made FAIR

SHaRED supports the FAIR data principle of describing data with rich metadata (ISO-standard UUID) using controlled vocabularies and assigned globally unique Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) to make your data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

TERN’s data submission tool provides you with simple forms to help you write structured metadata (in a similar way to other systems such as DRYAD and DataONE) and to request a DOI.

Once your data is submitted it will be assigned an Open Access Licence (Creative Commons International), a citation to help with acknowledgement of re-use and you will receive a confirmation email. Metadata are compliant to ISO 19115-3 and you can view and download the ISO compliant metadata file.

Discovery and retrieval of community-submitted data via TERN are equally as intuitive as submission. Users can search for data and their related metadata in the TERN Data Discovery Portal, and data extraction is simple and in a format suitable for uploading into research software such as statistical packages.

The new SHaRED allows users to:
  • use controlled vocabularies to add GCMD Science KeywordsANZSRC FoR classifications, sampling frequency, instruments used, observed properties, units of measure
  • add multiple bounding boxes to describe where data were collected;
  • add vertical coverage to capture depth and altitude information;
  • capture data lineage information;
  • provide ORCID IDs for all contributors; and
  • add additional publications and resources associated to the data.

Help us make SHaRED even better​

Since the launch in 2016 of version 1, SHaRED has been used to curate, publish, and archive almost 100 datasets from individual researchers, government agencies, including Parks Australia.  Their experiences in publishing their valuable data with TERN have been integral in the development of the latest version of SHaRED.

But we’re not finished yet, and we intend to further improve SHaRED’s functionalities by adding more vocabulary terms; increasing flexibility to add additional data authors and organisational information; and adding support for multiple GPS coordinate reference systems (geodetic datum).

In the meantime, we invite you to explore the new improved SHaRED, have a go at submitting your data, and let us know what you think via esupport@tern.org.au.

If you need help, take a look at our help documentation or drop us an email at esupport@tern.org.au.