Director’s Update – April 2023

We are busy organising our 3 May Webinar on bioindicators and our 26-27 July Science Symposium – we hope to see you at one or …

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What is carbon neutral agriculture?

We asked Professor Peter Grace, of Queensland University of Technology’s School of Biology and Environmental Science, to talk to us about carbon-neutral agriculture, and specifically, …

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What is an Eddy Covariance Flux Tower?

An Eddy Covariance Flux Tower (‘Flux Tower’) continuously measures gas exchange between the land surface (soil and vegetation) and the atmosphere. It can continuously monitor …

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Real-time soil sensing and sampling for critical WA agricultural monitoring site

A state of the art Vadose-zone Monitoring System (VMS) has been successfully installed at the University of Western Australia (UWA) Ridgefield Farm, near Pingelley in …

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University of Queensland Business Centre

Director’s Update – March 2023

Welcome to our Autumn 2023 newsletter.  TERN is very excited to announce that it is joining with ILTER East Asia Pacific (ILTER EAP) in delivering a hybrid Science Symposium …

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Fawn Leaf-nosed Bat (Hipposideros cervinus) in flight in rainforest  Iron Range, Qld  Australia

Bat calls – helping to track biodiversity changes

TERN is creating the world’s largest online library of bat calls, to be used for identification and biodiversity monitoring in Australia. Unique Australian-made ultrasonic audio …

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Australia’s Environment in 2022

Australia experienced a momentous year for water availability and plant growth in 2022, but climate change, habitat destruction, and invasive species remain major threats to …

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2023 WEBINAR BANNER LONG2 small for webinar

Director’s update – February 2023

Welcome to our TERN February e-Newsletter, which includes some stand-out contributions from the TERN team to help keep you in touch with outcomes of our …

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TERN Vegetation Data Synthesis Challenge workshops make headway for data sharing and accessibility

How do you discover the known unknowns in relation to environmental data requirements for the state of Queensland? The TERN vegetation data synthesis challenge aimed …

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‘Brno Declaration’ on global importance of research infrastructures welcomed

TERN, in its role as a member of the Global Ecosystem Research Infrastructure, GERI, endorses the global declaration on research infrastructure which arose from the 2022 …

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