TERN Strategic Plan 2023-28 Digital summary flyer

Director’s Update – July 2024

Welcome to TERN Australia’s 2024 mid-winter newsletter in which we are excited to share with you our strategic plan brochure. This document provides the essential ...
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NEON staff at SYCA aquatic site

TERN joins international Network-of-Networks to help global drought research

Drought is not just an Australian issue as this story from NEON in the USA shows. TERN is collaborating in a project that aims to ...
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Wildlife Camera Trap, Ecoacoustic and Drone Data collation – how is Australia addressing this challenge?

Discussing and problem-solving the challenges of collating vast amounts of camera trap, ecoacoustic and drone data collected by tens of thousands of machines observing Australia’s ...
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“Giants under threat” – the unique response of Tasmania’s tall eucalypts to warmer temperatures

Reporting on the vulnerability of Tasmania’s tall eucalypt forests under a warming climate, ‘Giants under Threat’, was released in March on the International Day of ...
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New Flux tower at Wombat Stringybark Eucalypt SuperSite

TERN Wombat Stringybark Eucalypt Flux Tower reopens

It has taken almost 3 years, but the new 35 metre eddy-covariance flux tower at the Wombat Stringybark Eucalypt SuperSite has officially been completed and ...
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Australia’s Environment in 2023

A change from La Niña to El Niño climate patterns in the Pacific Ocean halfway through 2023 brought a change in Australia from wet to ...
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National research drone data available to the public

GeoNadir and the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) have completed a project to make all TERN’s current and future drone mapping data available on the ...
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Art + Science synergy

TERN congratulates Dr Keith Armstrong, who was announced by the Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT) on 14 February 2024 as one of its ...
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Extending TERN environmental monitoring below ground

Discover the latest breakthroughs in environmental research infrastructure as 3 additional sites in TERN’s national monitoring network embrace state-of-the-art critical zone observing equipment. Explore the ...
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Data scientist creates Earth monitoring app for citizen scientists

Meet Dr Sebastien Chognard, a data scientist collaborating with TERN this year who is passionate about using remote sensing and citizen science to protect and ...
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