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    TERN’s Strategic Plan

    This brochure summarises TERN’s strategic plan.

    Download the brochure

    Observing Environmental Change in Australia book

    The book is an accessible guide to ecosystem science and its underpinning research infrastructure and is designed for upper secondary and early tertiary level students.

    It is designed to fill the gap between technical textbooks requiring prerequisite knowledge and TV environmental documentaries that tend to concentrate on the most dramatic landscapes and/or charismatic presenters.

    To download a pdf click on the SlideShare logo at the bottom right corner of the viewer then the blue download button on the SlideShare page.

    Please help promote the value of Australian research infrastructure and data by sharing with colleagues and partner organisations.

    Ecosystem Surveillance monitoring summary reports

    TERN’s soil and vegetation monitoring plots are located on a range of land tenures, including conservation parks, pastoral leases and private properties. (You can explore where TERN sites are located via this map). Collaboration with landholders and land managers is key to the success of TERN and maintaining these relationships allows our field teams to re-monitor sites multiple times.

    Recognising the importance of this collaboration, we distribute summary reports to landholders and land managers that provide snapshots of the TERN plots, the data collected, how to access the data, descriptions of data types, panorama photos and examples of research using TERN data.

    Use the AirTable below to explore a sample of public land reports from the approximately 200 reports we have delivered to landholders and land managers.

    TERN Science Symposium 2021 Proceedings​

    The TERN Science Symposium 2021 was a forum for sharing both transdisciplinary and traditional approaches to ecosystem science research, technological development, data system innovation, collaboration and action.

    This Symposium was held on July 5-6, 2021. The Proceedings can be downloaded below.

    TERN Science Symposium Proceedings 05-10-21 banner | Featured Image for Science Symposium page by TERN.

    TERN Brochure​​

    Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (ACEAS)

    The Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (ACEAS) was a Facility of TERN from 2009-2014, enabling disciplinary and inter-disciplinary integration, synthesis and modelling of ecosystem data. During its time of operation, ACEAS enabled scientists and managers in Australia and internationally to develop evidenced-based environmental management strategies and policy at regional, state and continental scales.

    ACEAS’ outputs continue to enrich ecosystem science and management in Australia, and demonstrate the value of infrastructure to enable inter-disciplinary collaboration and synthesis.

    The key principles of ACEAS were to:

    • facilitate the advancement of pure and applied ecosystem knowledge through the search for spatial and temporal patterns and principles in existing data;
    • improve the organisation and synthesis of ecosystem information in a manner useful to researchers, resource managers, and policy makers addressing important natural resource management issues;
    • influence the way ecosystem research is conducted in the future, in both the short and long term promoting a culture of synthesis, collaboration, and data sharing;
    • promote integrative research and the principles of ecosystem science to facilitate linkages between all ecosystem disciplines and the natural resource management community;
    • serve as a conduit between the ecosystem and natural resource management communities in the development of innovative management strategies for sustainable management of Australia’s natural resources and the maintenance of biodiversity; and
    • determine the types of data and new infrastructure required to address remaining major applied and pure questions in ecosystem science.

    View the archived ACEAS website here.

    The Australian Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge (AIBK) website was developed as a product of ACEAS Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge Working Group.

    An archive of the AIBK website is available for download here: 

    AIBK website archive 2018 (PDF)

    Papers referred to in the above document:

    Giants Under Threat Report

    The Warra TERN SuperSite is Australia’s longest running Long Term Ecological Research site and has also been one of the most scientifically productive over the past two decades. Scientific research conducted at Warra has underpinned real improvements in forest practices and an improved understanding of the tall forest biome and its response to disturbances. Dr Wardlaw’s report, and the scientific research supporting it, presents strong evidence of the clear and present danger of climate change to this biome.

    Download the report

    TERN Newsletter Index

    Search the TERN Newsletter index from 1 August 2011 to June 2024. This index is in alphabetical order and will be regularly updated. To search the index, simply hit CTRL + F on your keyboard and type in the word you are looking for. Please note: singular words work best when searching in this document.