The TERN Science Symposium 2021 is a forum for presenting both transdisciplinary and traditional approaches to ecosystem science research, technological development, data system innovation, collaboration and action.

Symposium Themes

The inaugural TERN Biennial Symposium seeks to explore themes that have resonance and urgency for the planet:

Climate impact on ecosystems

Ecosystem biodiversity

Soils and ecosystem function

Data and models for ecosystem management and decision-making

The role of ecosystem data in Australia’s society

Do you have a study or results you would like to present but which don’t quite fit the categories above? Submit your abstract anyway and we’ll see what we can do. We may distribute these to existing sessions or even decide to organise a new session.

Who can participate?

We welcome contributions from all who have a passion for ecosystem science.

This is a free event.

Achieving national and global goals around biodiversity, responsible ecosystem stewardship, remediation of damage to ecosystems and quality of life through ecosystem resilience will entail embracing cross-disciplinary, cross-jurisdictional and cross-cultural discussion and collaboration.

If 2020-21 showed us anything, it is to be ready for the unexpected. It also demonstrated how quickly things can be achieved when people work together. Many people are now thinking about how else we could do things differently, better.

TERN’s Science Symposium provides an opportunity to share information across domains and develop new collaborations which may lead to exciting outcomes.

How will it work?

This conference will be virtual – so anyone, anywhere, can participate.

However, attendance may need to be capped at 200 so register sooner than later.

There will be no registration fees.

Presenters can nominate to speak for either 5 or 10 minutes, and nearly all talks will be pre-recorded. We will provide options and instructions for recording your talk.

Submission of abstracts (of up to 300 words) for presentations and posters is open now, and will close on 15 May 2021.  There is no set style or template for abstract submissions.

Notification of acceptance will be by 31st May.

Full papers should be submitted by 30 June – guidelines will be released soon. 

The Symposium Papers with DOI will be e-published by TERN following the event.  Extended abstracts will be accepted in place of papers if researchers need to meet originality criteria of journals in which they wish to later publish their research findings.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you at the Symposium!