The TERN Science Symposium 2021 was a forum for sharing both transdisciplinary and traditional approaches to ecosystem science research, technological development, data system innovation, collaboration and action.

Post Symposium Update

Thank you for registering for the TERN Science Symposium held on 5-6 July 2021.

It is quite challenging to run such an interactive, multi-day science event online so we were delighted with the high number of active participants in each session and all the wonderful questions – your support is really appreciated.

If you missed presentations or want to watch some again, please contact us and we can provide you with access to all the sessions.

The Symposium Papers with DOI will be e-published by TERN following the event.  Extended abstracts will be accepted in place of papers if researchers need to meet originality criteria of journals in which they wish to later publish their research findings.

The next biennial TERN Science Symposium will be held in 2023. In the meantime, please do contact us with your ideas on future themes, or feedback on this year’s Symposium – we welcome all constructive ideas.

Symposium Themes & Program

The TERN Science Symposium explored themes that have resonance and urgency for the planet:

Climate impact on ecosystems

Ecosystem biodiversity

Soils and ecosystem function

Data and models for ecosystem management and decision-making

The role of ecosystem data in Australia’s society

The Symposium program and abstracts are available to download below.