Whroo Dry Eucalypt SuperSite

TERN’s affiliate Whroo Dry Eucalypt SuperSite is located 45 km south-west of Shepparton, Victoria on the lands of the Ngurai-illam-wurrung Aboriginal people.  Vegetation on the site is classified as box woodland, dominated by two main Eucalypt species (Eucalyptus microcarpa (Grey Box) and Eucalyptus leucoxylon (Yellow Gum)). Smaller numbers of Eucalyptus sideroxylon (Ironbark) and Acacia pycnantha (Golden Wattle) are also found on site.    

Site Infrastructure & Characteristics

SuperSite Research Infrastructure
  • One eddy-covariance flux tower
  • Leaf litter traps
  • Automated and manual dendrometers
  • Airborne and on-ground LiDAR imagery calibrated using leaf sampling, tree structure and LAI measurements
SuperSite Details
  • Vegetation type: box woodland
  • Rainfall:~558 mm/yr

Site Research

Research using the Whroo Dry Eucalypt SuperSite aims to answer the questions:
  • How does revegetation affect the interaction among carbon dynamics, water regimes (quality, quantity and frequency) and biodiversity across the landscape (above- and below-ground terrestrial, and aquatic ecosystems)?
  • How can carbon farming can be modified to increase biodiversity conservation?

A robust observational and modelling platform for soil-plant-atmosphere carbon and water fluxes for a range of land-use practices, including carbon farming, in these landscapes is being developed. The Whroo site is also a part of the Land Ecosystem Atmosphere Program (LEAP).

Site Partners

Research Publications

Since its inception, TERN’s infrastructure has enabled the publication of more than 1600 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles or books.