CoESRA Case Study 3: Marxan

Conservation planning using Marxan

Project Description

A Kepler scientific workflow has been developed to automate data analysis tasks for Marxan, a widely used conservation planning software. As a case study, a workflow has been developed to generate fisheries closure scenarios that would minimise the risk of speartooth shark bycatch, whilst accommodating the needs of the local fishers. The workflow transform, refine, build input data for Marxan and execution using Nimrod [1].

Initial version of the workflow to perform conservation planning of spear tooth shark in Wenlock river using Marxan

  • Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, The University of Queensland
  • Eco-lab, The University of Queensland
  • Research Computing Centre, The University of Queensland
How to run

Login to CoESRA virtual desktop and following below instructions:

  • In the application menu, click on CoESRA and Kepler.
  • On the left-hand side menu in Kepler, click on “Coesra-tern” and “conservation_planning” folder.
  • Double click on workflow icons with the name “Wenlock_Marxan_local.xml”.

The workflow will open in a new window and click a play button in the menu icon to run the workflow.

  1. S. M. Guru, R. G. Dwyer, M. E. Watts, M. N. Dinh, D. Abramson, H. A. Nguyen, H. A. Campbell, E. C. Franklin, T. Clancy, and H. P. Possingham, “A Reusable Scientific workflow for conservation planning,” presented at the MODSIM 2015, Gold Coast, 2015.