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iLEAPS 2023 Conference logo.

31 January 2023 - 03 February 2023

Auckland, New Zealand

iLEAPS–OzFlux Joint Conference

The research platform ‘iLEAPS’ (Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Studies) is one of several Future Earth research initiatives, with the critical goal of bringing together researchers from a variety of fields related to land-atmosphere exchange processes. This includes, but is not limited to carbon, water and trace gas exchange, land use change, atmospheric composition, and the …

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23 - 28 April 2023

Vienna, Austria & Online

EGU General Assembly 2023

The EGU General Assembly 2023 brings together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences. The EGU aims to provide a forum where scientists, especially early career researchers, can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geoscience.

09 - 14 July 2023

Darwin Convention Centre, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

The 25th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM2023)

The 25th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM2023) will be held at the Darwin Convention Centre, Darwin, Northern Territory, from Sunday 9 to Thursday 13 July 2023 with a workshop day on Friday 14 July. ASOR will be joining us again for the National Conference of the Australian Society for Operations Research. The International Environmental Modelling …

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28 August 2023 - 01 September 2023

UNSW Sydney, Australia

11th International Conference on Urban Climate

The International Association for Urban Climate (IAUC) and the American Meteorological Society (AMS) warmly invite you to the joint 11th International Conference on Urban Climate (ICUC11) to be held in Sydney, Australia, from August 28th to September 1st, 2023.

WCRP Open Science Conference 2023 Event Flyer | Featured Image for WCRP Open Science Conference 2023 Page by TERN.

23 - 27 October 2023

Kigali Conventionl Centre, Kigali, Rawanda

WCRP Open Science Conference 2023

The Conference will highlight advances and challenges in research on the coupled Earth System. It will feature sessions on modelling, observations, and the development of climate information for society. There will be a strong focus on climate risk, including the consequences, likelihoods and responses to the impacts of climate change.

Events archive

A list of some of the key TERN events and links to presentations, recordings and more information.

2022 Ecosystem Webinars

2 November 2022

‘Economics of the environment – natural capital accounting’

Natasha Cadenhead (UQ), Adjunct Professor Mike Grundy, (TERN Specialist Advisor; Member, Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists; Adjunct Professor, University of Sydney) & Professor Hugh Possingham, (TERN Advisory Board Chair; Professor, University of Queensland)

Q&A Report

7 September 2022

‘Techology for conservation – traces of diversity’

Dr Emma Spencer (WWF-Australia), Dr Myles Menz (JCU), Allyson Marpartida (CDU) & Assoc Prof Susan Fuller (QUT)

Q&A Report

6 July 2022

‘Monitoring Threatened Species’

Dr Ashley Leedman, Dr Holly Sitters, & Dr Geoff Heard

 4 May 2022

‘Agriculture and ecosystems’

Dr Ben Macdonald, Prof Peter Grace & Dr Anna Hopkins

2 March 2022

‘Forecasting Ecosystem Changes’

Dist. Prof. Belinda Medlyn, Prof. Glenda Wardle & Dr Alistair Hobday

The Lyn Beazley AO 2021 Ecosystem Observations Webinar Series

1 December 2021

Eloise Nation, Dr Tim McVicar & Assoc. Prof. Sally Thompson

‘Water in our Ecosystems: issues and opportunities’

Q&A Report

6 October 2021

Dr Dan Metcalfe, Dr Xihua Yang & Dr Tim Wardlaw

‘Extreme Events – why do we need environmental data?’ 

Q&A Report

4 August 2021

Prof. Andy Pitman, Dr Ivan Hanigan & Prof. Lauren Rickards

‘Climate modelling in Australia – what’s the use?’ 

Q&A Report

2 June 2021

Dr Ian Cresswell, Dr Anna Richards and Prof. Lindsay Hutley.

‘Resilience in Australia’s ecosystems.’

Q&A Report

7 April 2021

Dr Michelle Heupel, Dr Elisa Bayraktarov & Sharon Tickell.

‘The Australian sea-change phenomenon – an ecosystem monitoring perspective.’

Ecosystem Observations, TERN Seminar Series

4 November 2020

Assoc. Prof. Ben Sparrow, Dr Sandra Walpole & Dr Teresa Eyre.

Standardising environmental information collection: harmonising Australia’s approaches.’

2 September 2020

Assoc. Prof. Will Edwards & Jo Owens,

‘Introducing TERN’s Queensland SuperSites and using TERN flux tower and satellite-derived data to improve evapotranspiration and groundcover modelling.‘


1 July 2020

Prof. Stuart Phinn, Dr Peter Scarth & Alexis McIntyre

‘Effectively linking Australian Government with industry environmental monitoring using research infrastructure and research.’

Other TERN Webinars

17 August 2021

That’s Elementary, My Dear: Satellites that detect environmental change

A National Science Week event with Prof. Graciela Metternicht discussing how satellite info can solve Earth’s mysteries.

11 February 2021

TERN Ecosystem Surveillance annual report seminar recording

Associate Professor Ben Sparrow, the Lead of TERN’s Ecosystem Surveillance platform, provides an update on the highlights and challenges of 2020 and a preview of the team’s plans for 2021. The webinar includes a brief introduction to TERN, its ecosystem surveillance monitoring infrastructure platform, and a summary of the work of the sub-teams within the group including research and development, field, technical, operations and communication.

OzFlux Ecosystem Exchange Webinar Series

18 August 2021

Dr Peter Isaac and Prof. Elise Pendall

‘Estimating ecosystem respiration from flux tower and chamber data: insights from Cumberland Plain.’

4 May 2021

Dr Jamie Cleverly

‘The ecological processes that shape Australia’s ecosystems.’

4 March 2021

Dr Caitlin Moore

‘Bioenergy crop fluxes and an a-maize-ing conundrum.’ 

OzFlux 20th Anniversary Conference

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of OzFlux—the TERN-supported Australian and New Zealand eddy-covariance flux research community.  This virtual conference celebrated and reflected on the achievements of OzFlux and its contributions to global flux science. It also examined lessons learnt and the future contribution of flux data to ecosystem forecasting capabilities.

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