Training and Volunteering

TERN aims to advance, implement and train on nationally agreed, standard field methods to the broader ecosystem science community including scientists, government agencies, industry, land managers and students.


TERN offers a four day training course covering all aspects of our Ecosystem Surveillance platform’s work. This training course comprises a day of lectures and then three days in the field learning soils, vegetation, and technical aspects of our work in a rangeland environment. This training course is run at least once annually, but can be run more often if there is high demand.

If you are interested in being a training partner and hosting the TERN team to conduct a training course in your region, please contact us.

Fieldwork and Volunteering

Volunteer Field Assistants: The TERN Ecosystem Surveillance field team is regularly conducting field surveys at sites throughout Australia, and on occasion it is in a position to take volunteers on these surveys. These trips are a great way to learn more about TERN’s standardised methods and interact with leading field ecologists in locations that are difficult to get to any other way.

Volunteer Technical Assistants: TERN Ecosystem Surveillance Volunteer Technical Assistants help to undertake the sorting and maintenance of environmental surveillance data and vegetation/soil samples collected as part of the Ecosystem Surveillance program. Tasks involve unpacking collected vegetation and soil samples in the lab, sorting and labelling samples, cross-referencing sample collections and data, taking soil sub-samples and undertaking basic analyses.

If you are interested in doing fieldwork or volunteering with TERN please contact us.

Contact us for Training and Volunteering

Thank you for your interest in training or volunteering with TERN. Please fill out this form with some information about yourself and we will be in touch when opportunities arise.