Meet the Team

TERN Project

Dr Beryl Morris

Director, TERN Australia

Mr Peter Brady

Project Manager

Ms Cerys Drennan

Project Officer

Ms Angela Gackle

Science Partnerships Manager

Mr Mark Grant

Science Communication and Engagement Manager

Ms Kathy Mason

Project Officer

Data Services and Analytics

Dr Siddeswara Guru

Data Services and Analytics Platform Lead

Mr Gerhard Weis

Solution Architect

Mr Edmond Chuc

Software Developer

Mr Andrew Cleland

Data Engineer

Mr Mosheh EliYahu

Software Developer

Mrs Wilma Karsdorp

Senior Software Engineer

Ms Jenny Mahuika

Data Librarian

Mr Javier Sanchez Gonzalez

Software Engineer

Ms Tina Schroeder

Data Analyst


Mr Mike Grundy

Landscapes Platform Co-Lead

Dr Alex Held

Landscapes Platform Co-Lead

Mr Matt Stenson

Landscapes Technical Coordinator

Ecosystem Surveillance

Assoc Prof Ben Sparrow

Ecosystem Surveillance Platform Lead

Ms Sally O’Neill

Ecosystem Surveillance Scientific Officer

Ecosystem Processes

Assoc Prof Will Edwards

Ecosystem Processes Platform Lead

Dr Mirko Karan

Ecosystem Processes Coordinator

Dr Peter Isaac

Ecosystem Processes Data Coordinator

Honorary Fellows

Dr Bek Christensen

Dr Tim Clancy