David Lindenmayer finalist in Eureka Awards

Professor David Lindenmayer, the director of the Long-Term Ecological Research Network (LTERN) was a finalist in this year’s Eureka Awards, which were announced this month.

David was recognised for promoting an understanding of Australian scientific research through his practical books on conserving remnant woodlands in temperate areas.

David is a landscape ecologist and conservation biologist at the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the Australian National University. He is also the director of the ANU sub-facility of the Long-Term Australian Multi-Scale Plot System. 

He is one of the country’s most prolific communicators of science and, as well as being widely published in academic journals, has also written several popular books for lay readers.

The Eureka Awards are presented annually by the Australian Museum to reward excellence in scientific research, scientific innovation, school science, science journalism and communication, and science leadership. 

David has won two. In 2010 he was recognised for his landscape research on forest biodiversity and forest management. And in 1999, he won a Eureka Award for his work, with Hugh Possingham, on the conservation of forest fauna.

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