New website: Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge

This month we’re pleased to feature an exciting announcement from the recent ACEAS newsletter about a useful new piece of research and decision-making infrastructure.

The ACEAS working group ‘Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge’ has produced a website to show the wealth of projects, research and management plans about Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge.  This website is a platform for the community, both aboriginal and non-aboriginal, to better appreciate the spatial and temporal information from indigenous knowledge that can be utilised for decision-making and research.

The website is intended to become the property of the community in the future.

Several interviews have been given about this important work, and one, with working group member Philip Clarke, can be heard here.

Published in TERN newsletter June 2014

Update  – 2018

The Australian Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge (AIBK) website was developed as a product of ACEAS Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge Working Group.

An archive of the AIBK website is available for download here: 

AIBK website archive 2018 (PDF)

Papers referred to in the above document:

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