Tourists volunteer time and passion for Daintree science effort

Using volunteers is nothing new to researchers, but working out the most suitable type of volunteer – intern, undergrad, PhD student, local community member, ‘voluntourist’ …

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Eco-informatics and US data giant share ideas

The Eco-informatics facility provided the Australian accent among the largely US voices at the DataONE Users’ Group (DUG) meeting at the University of Wisconsin–Madison last …

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Monitoring the success of rangelands management

NOTE: The AusPlots Rangelands Survey Protocols Manual has been released and is now available for free download here There have already been over 550 downloads …

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Aerial imagery used in down-to-earth farming decisions

Aerial and satellite mapping is becoming so sophisticated that, with additional development by researchers and commercial mappers, it will soon be available to help farmers …

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Research at Warra supersite improves forestry policy

Research at the Warra supersite in Tasmania has led to improvements in harvesting methods for use in tall, wet eucalypt forests that also protect native …

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Sustaining the Australian Alps

Australia’s alpine ecosystems may be particularly vulnerable to changing patterns of climate, fire and land-use pressure in the coming century. Documenting environmental change, and deciding …

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Tracking the transformation of vegetated landscapes

Almost all of Australia’s vegetated landscapes have been affected by changes in land-use and land-management practices. The continent is now a diverse mosaic of fragmented …

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Imagining a future: regional, self-determining, diverse, enduring

Much scientific research is being invested in understanding how species, habitats and agricultural industries are adapting to a changing climate. But this begs the question …

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Working together to improve land-management outcomes

A number of TERN facilities are building research partnerships with the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES), a research body of …

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Evolution of Australia’s soil-carbon map

Soil variation across Australia as measured by near-infra red spectra (NIR) – an example of the TERN underpinnings for the new soil-carbon map. NIR is one of a …

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