State agencies give ÆKOS the thumbs up

Ecological data managers, custodians and informatics experts in state agencies have expressed overwhelming support for and excitement about the innovations being developed for the Australian …

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Wild talk at ecology workshop

The hot topic of discussion among people at the ‘Talks on the Wildside’ workshop was the need to hasten the capture of long-term data on …

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Hyperspectral imaging gets a makeover

AusCover’s Perth node is leading a national collaborative project to coordinate Australian scientific work in hyperspectral imaging that will improve the country’s capability and increase …

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VIIRS workshops on new remote-sensing software

TERN and AusCover are organising two workshops on the new Visible Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) processing software that has just begun to be used in satellite …

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Exploring interdisciplinary collaboration

It is widely accepted that interdisciplinary collaboration is critical for understanding and addressing complex environmental problems – but we don’t know much about collaborative behaviour …

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First meeting of all MSPN facilities

More than 30 people attended the first science and planning workshop of the Multi-Scale Plot Network (MSPN) at McLaren Vale on November 7 and 8. …

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World Soil Day: celebrating a rare and precious thing

December 5 is World Soil Day, a day to advocate the importance of soil for human survival and promote its sustainable management. Although most people …

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South-western woodlands a focus of research

Several TERN facilities are involved in the establishment of a supersite in a remarkable part of Australia, the 16 million hectare Great Western Woodland (GWW) …

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Science on the festival circuit

Staff at the Transects for Environmental Monitoring and Decision Making (TREND) take their science so seriously they turned up to work one weekend in October …

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Video shows you how to drive the ÆKOS data portal

Eco-informatics has launched a video that shows users how to drive the ‘alpha’ release of the Australian Ecological Knowledge and Observation System (ÆKOS) data portal. The …

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