TERNing up in all sorts of places

A decade-long landscape research study of how Australian bushland might cope with higher levels of carbon dioxide and changed rainfall patterns is about to get ...
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Workshop on processing data from flux stations

OzFlux will hold a data-processing workshop in June to help scientists who work on collecting data from OzFlux sites to improve their environmental data collection methods, ...
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Romantics of conservation face off against the pragmatists

Six of Australia’s top scientists – and among the most intrepid – entertained people attending the TERN ecosystem observation symposium and Adelaide residents when they ...
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Staff, directors and partners highlight first steps to an enduring legacy

TERN was recognised by those attending the symposium as already contributing to a better understanding of ecosystem processes, but they believed that it needs to ...
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Engagement: upping the ante

With TERN now maturing from its planning and construction phase into an exciting phase of implementation and delivery, it’s timely to ask our major target ...
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Focus on delivering data

Forget the workplace discussions happening around the water cooler: at the symposium they were around the computer terminals set up to spotlight the various facilities’ ...
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The best of times and the worst of times in ecology

The 3rd annual TERN symposium opened with words of caution and of praise and hope, and set the tone for the two days of presentation, ...
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TERN past, present and future

Now was time the TERN facilities to begin to deliver products for researchers, governments and the community as the network moved from an establishment phase ...
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A break with tradition brings state-of-the-art modelling

Some of the work e-MAST is carrying out involves interpolating climate from weather stations to high-resolution grids. This process is illustrated here with annual mean temperature, ...
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Coastal web portal links local research and local councils

The latest coastal research is now at the fingertips of councils and developers with the launch of Coastal Research, a web portal to national, regional ...
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