First meeting of all MSPN facilities

More than 30 people attended the first science and planning workshop of the Multi-Scale Plot Network (MSPN) at McLaren Vale on November 7 and 8.
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World Soil Day: celebrating a rare and precious thing

December 5 is World Soil Day, a day to advocate the importance of soil for human survival and promote its sustainable management. Although most people
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South-western woodlands a focus of research

Several TERN facilities are involved in the establishment of a supersite in a remarkable part of Australia, the 16 million hectare Great Western Woodland (GWW)
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Science on the festival circuit

Staff at the Transects for Environmental Monitoring and Decision Making (TREND) take their science so seriously they turned up to work one weekend in October
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Video shows you how to drive the ÆKOS data portal

Eco-informatics has launched a video that shows users how to drive the ‘alpha’ release of the Australian Ecological Knowledge and Observation System (ÆKOS) data portal. The
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Continuity for worldwide forest monitoring secured

Space agencies coordinated under the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS), last week endorsed and committed support for the Satellite Data Strategy of the Global
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ACEAS funds studies into vegetation mapping, quality control in remote sensing, and the dynamics of koala society

The Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis has recently confirmed five working groups and a workshop as part of its support for the synthesis
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Funding for those burning questions about ecosystems

If some time for dedicated thinking and analysis with some hand-picked minds would help you answer a burning environmental question, reach a new understanding, or
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Cultural heritage and natural heritage meet on the wildside

In that territory where populations of many species boom and bust, and where the thoughts and actions of humans influence the rest of the environment,
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AusPlots surveys begin in the rangelands

AusPlots is well on the way to establishing its planned network of about 1,000 permanent ecosystem observation, and vegetation and soil monitoring plots throughout the
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