Funding for those burning questions about ecosystems

If some time for dedicated thinking and analysis with some hand-picked minds would help you answer a burning environmental question, reach a new understanding, or …

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Cultural heritage and natural heritage meet on the wildside

In that territory where populations of many species boom and bust, and where the thoughts and actions of humans influence the rest of the environment, …

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AusPlots surveys begin in the rangelands

AusPlots is well on the way to establishing its planned network of about 1,000 permanent ecosystem surveillance, and vegetation and soil monitoring plots throughout the …

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Data portal leads with ‘smart’ search and display

The ÆKOS data portal, which has just been released for peer review, is the first of its kind for ecological data in Australia — and …

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Science TRENDy in South Australia

The Adelaide offices at LTERN are abuzz with the launch of the group’s website for the Transects for Environmental Monitoring and Decision Making, TREND. TREND is …

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Despotic species, catchment groups and genetics: all in a day’s funding

The five workshops that ACEAS has funded in its latest round of open-call funding reflect the diversity of subject matter and disciplines involved in collaborative …

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Training in AusPlots-Rangelands methodology

AusPlots-Rangelands will provide training in its methodology at a workshop at Renmark and Chowilla in South Australia’s Riverland. AusPlots-Rangelands coordinator Andrew White said that with …

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Government metadata delivery faster and easier

Harvesting descriptive information (metadata) about environmental data is usually time-consuming and difficult work — but it has just become easier and quicker thanks to Eco-informatics. …

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LAMPS lights TERN’s way

With three sub-facilities to bring together, the LAMPS team has its work cut out for it — and a workshop coming up soon will help …

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David Lindenmayer finalist in Eureka Awards

Professor David Lindenmayer, the director of the Long-Term Ecological Research Network (LTERN) was a finalist in this year’s Eureka Awards, which were announced this month. …

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