OzFlux 2021

The ecosystem processes conference in Australia and New Zealand

1-2 November 2021 all online & free

The conference will showcase research investigating ecosystem processes in agricultural and natural ecosystems in Australia and New Zealand. It offers a forum for microclimatologists, ecosystem modellers, ecologists, ecophysiologists and social scientists from across the region to share their latest research. OzFlux is an ecosystem research network that provides the global ecosystem research community with standardised observations of energy, carbon and water exchange between the atmosphere and key terrestrial ecosystems. This knowledge is critical to inform decision making and risk assessment relating to land use and climate change impacts on ecosystems. OzFlux 2021 features a wide range of themes from the latest developments in instrumentation and software to spatial scaling and modelling, greenhouse gas emissions, drivers of carbon sequestration and food security2

Conference Themes

  • Ecosystem processes and functioning (flux studies, long-term ecosystem dynamics, studies that combine multiple approaches to understand or describe ecosystem function or ecology)
  • Soil processes and non-CO₂ greenhouse gases (soil science, studies in agriculture, CH4 and N2O flux studies)
  • Modelling and ecosystem predictions (modelling studies)
  • Remote, terrestrial and novel sensing (studies using remote sensing, terrestrial sensors or novel sensors)
  • Data processing or technical advances (studies that describe novel methods or technologies for data processing)
  • Open forum (other studies)

Keynote Speakers

Dr Nina Hinko Najera

The University of Melbourne

A/Prof. Lauren Bennett

The University of Melbourne

Dr Pep Canadell

CSIRO Climate Science Centre and the Global Carbon Project

Distinguished Prof. Belinda Medlyn

Western Sydney University

A/Prof. Trevor Keenan

University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Conference Details

Format of conference: Zoom webinar

Registration cost: free

Abstract Submission

Abstract submissions have now closed. 


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Conference organising committee

Stefan Arndt – The University of Melbourne

Alison Bennett – The University of Melbourne

Jason Beringer – University of Western Australia

Jamie Cleverly – James Cook University

Cacilia Ewenz – TERN

Nina Hinko-Najera – The University of Melbourne

Peter Isaac – TERN

Ian McHugh – The University of Melbourne

Caitlyn Moore – University of Western Australia


The TERN-supported OzFlux research community comprises Australian and NZ flux researchers operating eddy-covariance flux towers. The OzFlux community was established 20 years

Members of the OzFlux community have access to the TERN data portal to deposit data streams. This allows inclusion in national scale studies, and also occasional transfers to the international FluxNet database for inclusion in global analyses. There are often good co-authorship opportunities available.

There is good support available through the TERN OzFlux/Ecosystem Processes central node team to guide data processing, uploads and other instrument issues.