Special session on carbon and climate variability at TERN symposium

We’ve just released the first detailed program for the 2013 TERN Symposium. It’s a packed two-day schedule with over 100 presenters from a huge range of research and stakeholder organisations across the country and internationally, gathering at Old Parliament House in Canberra to talk about the ways in which they’re using TERN’s infrastructure and products to achieve things that weren’t previously possible. 

With great pleasure we announce that there will be a special session on carbon and climate variability, running from 10.30 am till 5.10 pm on Wednesday, 20 February. Among the speakers will be:

  • Professor Alfredo Huete from the University of Technology Sydney, who will take us through his latest Nature paper, in which he shows how TERN’s infrastructure is helping improve assessments of climate variability globally
  • Dr Helen Cleugh and Dr Vanessa Haverd from CSIRO, who will present the improvements to estimates of continent-scale carbon and water fluxes for Australia that have become possible thanks to the data streams now being delivered through TERN’s OzFlux facility
  • Professor David Ellsworth from the University of Western Sydney, who will update us on the progress of the carbon dioxide enrichment project, EucFACE, being conducted at the Cumberland Plains EucFACE Supersite, a member of TERN’s Australian Supersite Network.
  • Ms Susan Sweeney from the South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, who will talk about ways to improve the rate at which climate change research informs state government policy, based on her experiences with TREND, a member of TERN’s Australian Transect Network
  • Professor Corey Bradshaw from the University of Adelaide will discuss the outcomes of the working group put together through TERN’s ACEAS facility to answer the question: Is the carbon economy necessarily good for biodiversity?

The 2013 TERN Symposium is free and open to everyone. However, there is a limit to the number of people we can fit inside the venue simultaneously! Have you registered yet?

Published in TERN e-Newsletter December 2012

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